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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Comic On Peaceful Coexistence



Analysis of the Stories Read



Theme: Ok, the theme is about the desire of the coyote and also the animals in the savanna to go to the chief spirit lodge 

Mood: Well the mood is like a little sad in a moment but in that part of the story the narrator managed to reverse the situation and like what began sad but well the story ends like a happy story.

Tone: The tone of the story is when the coyote was revisionist like he was examined like a character in the story.

Conflict internal and external:The internal is when the struggle of the protagonist to accept himself instead of being someone else. And de external is when his attempt and willingness to go to the spirit lodge by keeping himself. 

Climax: The climax is when the coyote woke up and noticed his wife went to the great spirit and the spirit said that the salmon, fish and the beard was taken.

Resolution: and the resolution is when the spirit said that he made him sleep intentionally because he had a special mission of killing a monster that was terrifying the tribes. 

My own resolution: The monster absorbed all the powers of him it weakened him he thought that everything was lost the monster attacked him over and over again without stopping he thought he was going to beat him the monster laughed as he hit him, but suddenly a light came and gave him everything he needed and the monster beated him.  


Theme: The theme of the story is that a coyote that is not very good at hunting teams up with an eagle but the coyotes go to the conclusion that he cannot hunt very well because of the lack of light so they go to a pueblo and steal the sun and the moon.

Mood: Well, I think that the mood of this story is calm and in the end changes to a dance when the coote lets the sun and the moon.

Conflicts, internal and external: The conflict of the story is that the coyote can´t hunt very well in the dark so he goes out to find somo light and finds it in a town and steals it but the sun and the moon escape. the internal conflict is that the eagle thinks about the coyote as a complete incompetent so he think that the best option is to not gve the box to him. The external conflict is that the coyote can't hunt because it can't  see without light so the coyote and the eagle steal the sun and moon from the kachinas coyote lets them escape.

Climax: The climax is when the coote and the eagle go back and the coyote the eagle if he can carry the box and the eagle says no until the coyote ask for the fourth time but the coyote stop to take peek at the sun it finds out that that the sun and the moon are inside the box and it lets them scape.

Resolution: The resolution is when the sun and the moon have escaped and it releases the winter upon all the creatures. And well, it concludes saying that if the coyote had never let the sun and the moon escape all days would be in good weather conditions.

My own resolution: And at the end, the sun and the moon stayed in the box so the days and afternoons got darker every day there was no light the animals were dying every day and the coyote got away with it.


By Fernando Manjarrés, Step 8 Yellow 


A Literary Analysis


 Coyote steals the sun and moon

By: Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz

Theme: A coyote and an eagle that stole the sun and the moon to survive

Mood: They were looking for a way to survive, the eagle had an ability to hunt so he act and also felt better than the coyote

Main conflict:

Internal: They coyote thought that without the eagle he wouldn’t hunt anything, he felt less than him.  external: they just thought about themselves when they stole the sun and the moon, and they didn’t realise how that can affect the others (a selfish act)

Tone: Curious, because he wanted to see what was on that box but actually that helps him to see the light 


A coyote that didn’t know how to hunt and an eagle that knew how decided to take a ride, making a team to hunt but then the coyote realised that they needed light to hunt. This way, they stole a box that contained the sun and the moon. Then, the coyote wanted to know what the box had inside, so he opened the box, then the sun and the moon escaped.

By Valery Duarte, Step 8 Yellow