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Thursday, June 13, 2019



The Social Media Of The Future

In the city of Metropolis of the year 3047, all its inhabitants are obsessed with punctuating the actions and behaviors of other people through their futuristic mobile devices, establishing a valuation of up to five stars per person. 

These scores are of vital importance in this chilling society, being that the privileges that an individual possesses are not due to his real merit or his money, but to the amount of stars that he has. This allows him to access things like discounts, exclusive places, and even more. 

Therefore, having many high qualifications gives a social position to each person. Candace, a young girl with a great score decides to rebuild her life at 22 years old. However, her current status of 3.6 might not allow her to access the house of her dreams because to acquire it, she'll need to have more than 4.5, so she won't have the perfect life that she wanted, which will cause her to resort to various actions to increase her reputation and score the highest. 

One day, Candace was checking her cell phone and she realizes that there was a mega party in the best place in Metropolis, when she sees this post, she decides to teleport there, because according to her, in this way she ould increase her score.

When she arrives, she uses her phone to know what is the
score of other people and realizes that it is above 4.3, so she starts dancing in front of everyone and drinking only so that people give her a higher score, for her to buy the house of her dreams.

Everyone was apparently happy and educated to get such stars. Nobody faces anyone, nobody is natural, because the important thing is to always get, before anyone, 5 stars. After a couple of minutes, everyone was at odds with their attitude, so she realizes that her score starts to go down, her affable behavior and her whole smile are transformed into irritation and despair, so she chooses to curse, the security guards arrive and immediately they teleport her to a cell without her electronic scoring device, being locked without her phone she realizes that she was pretending to be someone that she wasn’t, only to gain that dreamt score.

After not having her phone in her hands, she feels liberated from that pressure of always being the perfect girl, she calms down knowing that she no longer has to illustrate a prefabricated idea of happiness, but Candace spent 1 year in jail for public scandal, thing which helped her psychologically to develop other skills.

The end.

By Heidi Rico, Step 9.

A Short Story



Long time ago we used to believe  that the future would be prosperous, that when we looked up in the sky we would see more wonders than what we can count: Maybe two moons instead of one, maybe flying cars, or even jetpacks, just as if we were in a movie.

But now we know that our present in 2090 is way much different from what humanity used to believe before.

Everything started to fall apart, little by little: First climate
change started, then pollution got worse, most of the animals got extinct by 2050, we ran out of clean water 5 years ago, hunger and poverty has killed millions. And one of the most common causes of death are because of respiratory illnesses due to the polluted air.

In conclusion, the last couple of years have been a nightmare, governments are a mess, and no one knows what to do, and only a few rich families have the resources to pay for a system to clean their water. The rest of the population is dying, little by little, and there is no hope remaining in their hearts.

Now it is time for us to meet the protagonist of this story, his nickname is JK, no one knows his real name, and no one knows where he came from. He is a mystery. But sadly, he is also only a legend.

People in the towns tell stories about this hero, that used to travel between towns helping with everything he could, giving food to the ones that needed, and fighting with thieves, murderers, and rapists. Building homes and giving medicines to everyone.

It is suspected that he actually belongs to one of the richest families in the world, because many affirm that he gave them clean, pure water to drink, FOR FREE.

He used to be the hope of all humanity, like a myth that parents told their children, so they behaved well. “If you are a good person, JK will come and help us all”

It was a way of providing hope to the poor, and everyone. But five years ago he disappeared, and no one knows why. Some like to say that his rich family found out about his identity and now they kept him locked in his room. Without a chance of escaping.

Some say that it is all the governments’ fault, that they thought he was gaining more and more power and he could try to become a leader, which is why they pursued him and killed him.

Some say that it is something as simple as the possibility of him dying during one of his fights against a criminal. Others say that he died because of a disease, while others affirm that he was captured by aliens!

There are way too many versions of this story for them to be
mentioned completely, but I know the truth. People don’t stay young for forever, he probably could not neither continue fighting nor traveling that much, but there are many ways of helping people. 

You can be a hero for anyone in this wicked world, and what must remain from this story is not that we need JK to have hope, instead, it must be that anyone, can bring hope to humanity.

 - And with that, Joan Key of 50 years closed her book and looked up with hope the lighted up faces of her students.

By Camila Orozco, Step 9.

The Indiana Rabbit in the adventure of the Glass Carrot: Mini Stories


The Gang of the Future

It was a normal day of summer, Alana and Meli were having a fun time in the beach waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive and celebrate the first day of summer. “I'm so excited! I love the beach sooo much becau...” Pandora was saying when she was interrupted by a loud and weird sound “ZAPZ ” suddenly the sea startede creating huge waves and got really dark and cold and in a snap a white gorilla came out of the water.

“Whats is going on?” “What was that weird sound?” “What happened to the sea?” “Who the F... is he?” everyone of the gang was asking and the weirdest of his is that after the gorilla appeared from the sea everything went back to normal. Indiana took the lead and approached the gorilla and asked “What just happened?” the gorilla stood up from the sand and with a really deep voice “That was the result of the experiments I have been carrying out... Time Traveling”

The whole pack and the gorilla went to Indiana and Selena's house and start interrogating the gorilla “who are you?” “explain what you just said” “from what time are you?” “so it's true that time traveling can be possible?”

“My name is Zack and I'm from the year 3000 and yes cars can fly. What you just see was
the final phase of the experiment that I was carrying out. The thing is that our future isn't the brightest of all, you might imagine cars flying and people being robots and global peace and everything is fine and fun. But that is not the reality, the future is a war that has to be stopped because almost everyone's physical health is compromised and I just couldn't sit and wait for everyone be dead, so I remembered that once my grandma told me that in her years of youth there was this gang that saved the world once, and always faced problems and that they were able to deal with them. Indiana, when you spoke to be there on the beach, I realized my experiment went really well because I am now in the time that I need to. Indiana, you and your gang are the only ones capable of stopping this horrible future to become truth”

Indiana didn't believe what he was hearing about, the fact that the authorities decided to stop carrying out the citizens of the world and what they need now to save the future was an adventure that he would never even imagine that he was going to experience, but he was excited and ready with all his gang to stop this future to continue like that. Zack, the gorilla, took them to the beach again and they all went deep into the sea, and in a blink Zach turned around the watch he had in his hand and suddenly they were all in a different place, where the grass was brown, the air smelled like smoke, the water tasted and looked like oil, dark cars were flying and everyone looked sick.
“The air is damaging the lungs of the people, authorities don't care about anything because they now live in the space with the rich families, we need help Indiana, please”

“We are going to help, doesn't matter if it's the last adventure of the gang. Gang assemble! Lets go!”

T O   B E C O N T I N U E D

By Susana Rengifo, Step 9.

Fractured Version



Once upon a time, in a far far away galaxy, there was a princess named Leia who lived on a very comfy and advanced planet called Holulu. There, she had all of the technology that existed and that she needed. 

She was a warrior and also a very hard woman. When she was little she saved her entire family from an avalanche of bulltoskers, which are the most feared beasts of the galaxy,  since they’re so dangerous that even the emperor of the galaxy feared them.

Leia was capable of almost everything, she did all possible for her planet as a princess and as a warrior. One day Princess Leia was driving to Naboo, an ancient planet that was underdeveloped and basic, where people were violent and senseless, they needed to fight for food and water and also the death toll was unbelievably high, they had nearly 78 deaths per hour and also 15 births per minute. 

They didn’t have any control for the population because of
the race that lived in there, Nabooers could give birth to almost 3 kids per year and they got no birth control for the young people, so at about 15 years, they could have almost 3 kids and that was what affected Naboo as a planet, the overpopulation and the poverty.

Naboo was the home of Princess Leia greatest ally, her best friend Gamora, who was a warrior as Princess Leia, but as she lives on  Naboo she didn’t have the weapons and technology that Princess Leia had, so at some point, this disadvantage  made her feel jealous of her life long best friend, who loved her more than everything, and that made her feel really, really bad. 

But that wasn’t a problem, till the day that Princess Leia was fighting with a monster that was stealing from a pour old Nabooer, she needed back up, but Gamora rejected her and let her lose because of her jealousy. Since that day, Princess Leia detected the kind of person that Gamora was, this action was completely disappointing for Leia that thought that her friend was loyal.

One day, Gamora’s jealousy took her to a whole new level, when Leia was in a serious problem on a planet called Masiki because the governor discovered her plan to destroy the fake “democracy” they had, so they put her in prison until she talked; afterwards, she asked for help to Gamora, but  ignored her message, so Leia tried again and another time she did the same.

Leia suffered from the worst death that someone could ever imagine, she died by the hands of a Waggerwokie, which was a prehistoric creature that looked like a T-rex and a huge aquatic monster.  After that, Gamora attended her funeral and felt guilty forever because of her death .

The end 

By Stella Duque, Step 9.

The New World


The Future Scares Me

One day like any other, I was watching TV, but a few minutes later I got bored, so I decided to turn off the television. My house was very big, almost like a mansion, and my father was a very famous and rich scientist, but I decided to explore it because my house was so big that I did not know it all, I could walk wherever I wanted, except for one door, everyone was forbidden to enter, since my dad was the only one who could come and go into it.

I always asked him what was inside it, but he only told me It was something I was not going to like, I always repeated the same, with a little fear that my father might get angry, without realizing it, I took a keychain and went to the forbidden door, it took a while to find the key, but when I found it, I did not hesitate to open it because I wanted to know what was hidden behind the piece of wood.

When I got in, I found many cables, old furniture, and boxes of all sizes, the walls were covered with newspapers, the floor was full of dust, apparently it was the same as It was an attic, but something caught my attention, there was a small library, and exactly one book was different from the others, while all were large and colorful, this other was small and opaque, when trying to remove it, the walls began to open , as in the movies, it was a secret passage. 

At first, I thought my dad was a superhero, but my point of view changed when, a kind of portal started to form before my eyes, it shone a lot, it looked like a star, it was great, but I could not see through it, then I took my phone and got a little closer, the portal transported me to another place, "what is this place?" I was wondering, it was very nice, there were many trees, many rivers, many parks, and many people. 

Soon, I met a boy that I fell in love with, his name was Jose,
he had blue hair and greenish eyes, the perfect boy was very kind to me, I learned a little of that place, it was as if the Earth had improved all its resources, I also remember that there were cars that flied, and floating buildings, I thought it was a dream, but Jose told me it was the future.

It seemed incredible, everything was beautiful, I did not understand why my dad did not want me to see this, he had created the door around the year 3000, he was definitely the best scientist, but why did he tell me that I would not want to see this place? I did not think much about it and I kept walking with Jose, I never noticed anything strange in him until he gave me my first kiss, that moment was very nice, but something did not fit, when my lips touched his, I felt like I had kissed a piece of metal, definitely something was wrong, I started to worry, I said I wanted to return home.

I remember his words: "This is your house, here you stay" I was very scared and ran, when I had lost sight of him, I clashed with a man, hitting again, I felt as if I had stuck a tube, try to call my dad, but did not answer, then I decided to find a place to hide, I hid in a dumpster which was in an abandoned street, or that was what I thought.

After a while, a little dog approached me, I caressed him, suddenly the dog greeted me, I was in shock, since that dog could talk, so he told me that I had nothing to fear, I definitely was in the future, but not everything was perfect as I thought, the lakes that I saw, and all the trees and most of nature, everything was mere fake, they were artificial things, that's why they looked so beautiful and alive, and the people that I saw, including Jose, were robots, or androids, with the appearance of humans, made of metal and sybernetic.

The only real things that remained were a few animals and very few people, scientists who took the technology to another level, but what happened to Earth? I asked the dog, "Earth was destroyed by the humans, we are inside a capsule, without contact with the outside, over the years the man was losing interest in taking care of the environment, that is why some scientists thought about making a place to take the little life that was left on Earth, and here we are, but as we were so few, they decided to create more humans, but without heart.

I finally understood why my father said I would not like what was behind this door, I asked the dog to take me home, he knew the most powerful scientist of the entire capsule, I took him, he was a human, like me, he warned me how the Earth came to collapse with the time, he warned me of all the damages, and asked me the favor of not making his mistakes.

I thanked him, and took me home through the same portal he entered, but when leaving, I locked the door, and I ran to hug my father who had been worried about me, while I hugged him, I said "The future scares me"


By Giselle Rico, Step 9.



The Not So Wise Invention

In a town school, Max is a very intelligent and applied 8-year-old boy who loved robotics and science. He spent his free time designing, modifying robots from his old toys and from things he found in his house.

Since he spent so much time focusing on his designs, he barely left home and did not play much with his friends. In the school playground he used to stay in a corner with his notebook writing all the ideas that were going through his head for future projects and how he could improve them. 

Some children in his class would mess with him and tell him that he wasn’t normal for not doing the same things they did. Max did not care because he knew that normal was boring and that he was not bored because he was going to become one of the coolest people when he created his robot. 

Some school children, seeing that Max did not care when they bothered him, decided to change their strategy. They began to hide his tools and pieces that he used to build his robots. They were buried in the yard, in the classroom, in different suitcases or in the gym.

Eventually, Max realized of what was going on, so he came up with a plan. He would use his knowledge and as much time as he could to design a robot that would protect him from his annoying classmates. He called it Roboti Guardespaldi. 

One of the first things that Max did was that he taught him was to find the things that the other children hid from him in different places. Max put a radar and a metal detector, so that Roboti Guardespaldi knew where he had to track them.

When his classmates  came to bother him in the yard, his Roboti would emit sounds of different animals to scare them and make them go away. The bad thing about Max creating this robot is that at the end Max got used to him doing everything for him and the purpose he had was to defend him from the children, but they also began to annoy the robot.

As soon as the children saw that the robot did everything for Max, they tried to make the robot work for them too. But Max was smarter than everyone and every night at home was reprogramming Roboti, so his behavior would be different every day and no one else could dominate him. 

The bad thing is that he changed a lot of its behavior and began to give Max problems at home. For example, if he saw someone giving him a very strong hug, he thought it was like an aggression and went out to defend him. If someone helped him collect his books he thought, he wanted to hide them and he also acted. In the end, Max's Roboti Guardespaldi gave him more problems than solutions. 

So finally Max. decided to tell his parents everything and helped him understand that in that way was not OK to repeat the bad behavior of the people. That he had to seek help and always try to talk and make things understandable, without taking easy shortcuts. 

Max understood and the next day he said goodbye to Roboti
and disarmed him forever.

By Adriana Butrón, Step 9.

Leave Us Alone!



On a very far planet called Misuray two people lived or Okay, maybe they weren’t even people. They seemed like aliens, their skin was a mixture of colors, such as purple, green and gold. Their eyes turned red when they were angry, blue when they were happy and silver when they were sad. So they do not categorize as humans. 

No one knew about of their existence, until one day when an astronaut decided to explore a little bit more and discovered this planet. Right after his discovery, he released a report in which he told all these, prior mentioned, to the rest of the world. 

Everyone was amazed because it was a planet that anyone knew about, but that was the only information they had, because the astronaut did not research a little bit more, so he could not see if there was someone living there. So, a colleague decided to do it and discovered what I already told you. 

He found these two strange human beings and he took
photos, so everyone could see them. When he did that, lots of astronauts began to bother them by taking them photos, and pieces of things that were on this planet. When these two strange people noticed this, they got very angry and they began to attack the Earth. 

They threw bombs, so they destroyed lots of places, no one could do anything because it was impossible to talk with them. So no one knew what to do, a crisis was beginning, or to be more specific, a war. Everyone was hiding, and sending messages to them; however, they did not understand anything, until one day one superhero appeared and traveled to Misuray.

He knew the language they talked, so he could speak with them about everything that was happening. First of all, he told them that no one wanted to hurt them, so they asked why everyone  was bothering them by taking them pictures and pieces of things off of their planet. The superhero answered and explained to them that it was in this way that people on the Earth acted like. 

When they saw something strange or new, they began to
research about it to know in an excellent way all about it, but it was not with the intention of bothering anyone. He told them to understand these people and to please forgive them if they caused them anger. On a polite form, these two guys forgave them but asked them too to please leave them alone. They told the superhero that they were very happy living alone in Misuray and that they did not want to have any contact with any people of Earth. They do not even like them because they have heard that they contaminated lots and they do not want that for their planet.

So the superhero went back and told all these to the entire Earth, everyone understood and also took this piece of advice that the guys on Misuray told them. Not to contaminate the environment so everyone could live happily and on a healthy way.

By Rosmery Anaya, Step 11.