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Friday, November 15, 2019

A Brief Short Horror Story


Terror In The Mall

My best friend Sofia called me and invited me to the cinema in Buena Vista; off course, I accepted the invitation, but I didn't know that there were going to be more friends.

We were 10: Sofia, Isabella, Fernanda, Rafael, Eduardo, Claudia, Jesus, Andrea, Felipe, and I.

What´s your name? – Asked the police officer.

I am Camila. 

Okay continue – Tells me the police officer

Okay… We were in the mall when someone weird asked us if we
were alone with any adult…

Sofia answered: yes!!! We are alone.

Then, the time passed and one hour after that, all the mall closed, but there were like 1000 persons and the same weird man with dark clothes was there, but he wasn't alone. Instead, there were like 20 weird men, and they started to count 10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1 and they started to kill all the persons in the mall.

Look at this photo, did you recognize anyone? – Asked me the police officer.

I answered negatively, are my friends dead?

I am so sorry Camila, but yes, 999 persons are dead, you are the only person that survived to this terrorist attack…

-  By  María José Durán, Step 9.

Success Is Linked To Our Interests

What Makes a MUN Conference Academically Great?

There are many perks of going to this type of activity but we're not here to talk about that, rather we would like to discuss about what makes these conferences academically great. Before Reading any further, please know that this is completely subjective, as everyone has their own criteria with regards to this subject.

First of all, taking into account that MUN conferences are mainly academic, to us the committee's topics proposed are of great importance for debates' development, so in many occasions some topics are way too predictable or dragged, which is reflected on the delegate’s will to stay active while participating. This can even cause some people to abstain from attending a specific committee on the conference. 

From our perspective, the topics should allow the delegates to be the ones leading the committee in order for it to fulfil everyone’s expectations; furthermore, the more recent the topic the better, as it encourages delegates to do actual research while learning something interesting and new, giving them fresh information to build up their leadership minds

Getting deeper into the academic area, once you’ve chosen a committee, the conference will most likely offer you a background guide on your topic in order for you to have a better understanding of it, but at times these guides are vague when it comes to giving you relevant information that can actually be useful for the debate; in addition, there are occasions in which the background guide is way too extensive and confusing, which discourages you from reading it. 

So you may wonder what makes a good and solid background guide? Primarily, the historical context is of supreme significance, as it allows you to acknowledge what leads to the issue that will be discussed at the gathering. Moreover, the document should contain reliable information regarding the parties involved in the conflict or situation.

Last but not least, the guide’s content should be taken from unbiased sources, in order to have a neutral exposition of the topic, while posing proper guiding questions that are actually relevant and will help you to make sure you made a good research.

By Natalia Del Castillo & 
Daniela Yúnez, Step 10

Eliminating Terror


Baghdadi's DEATH, again.

Resultado de imagen para isis attacks worst

There has been multiple terrorist attacks during this decade under Islamic influence; therefore, it has created, besides terror, prejudice towards that religion around the world. It has become the highlight of attention in the aftermaths that changed the severity of the issue such as the 911, Paris’ attack, and multiple attacks in bars and concerts. 

Resultado de imagen para baghdadi mosque of alnuri
One of the main groups that has incited terror over the world is ISIS, an Iraqi ultra-conservative caliphate that strictly enforces Shariah, which was founded by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. 
They get their resources through extortion, the collection of taxes and fees in areas under their control, also by selling oil from fields it controls, making over $10 million per month and it has armed itself with weapons seized from the battlefield in Iraq and Syria; besides, it has also reportedly received funding from wealthy individuals in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, and Qatar and then used the money to buy arms on the black market.

Since the moment its founder, Baghdadi, stood at the pulpit of Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul’s Old City, in 2014, announcing the caliphate, ISIS followers have considered him as the supreme political and spiritual leader of Muslims. Is not a surprise why he is a principal target around the world and why they offer a  a $25 million reward.

There has been several reports of his death before but they
turned out to be false, but recently President Donald Trump has expressed a major victory for his administration.

On October 26th of this year, Trump assured a US raid successfully acquire his assassination, later on his most likely replacement. According to the U.S. account, Baghdadi ran into a dead-end tunnel in his hideout and detonated a suicide vest, killing himself and two children.

"Last night was a great night for the United States and for the world. A brutal killer, one who has caused so much hardship and death, has violently been eliminated,"

Now we need to wait, what’s the next move from ISIS, if this is going to stop it of make it even worse.

By Valeria Villera, Step 10.




Resultado de imagen para gio urshela colombia

Last minute change. 
Although Gio Urshela had been announced as Bolivar's flag bearer for the 2019 National Games that will be held in that department, finally the one who will carry the banner will be the skater Andrés Jiménez.

Urshela, who is in Cartagena enjoying his vacation after a brilliant performance with the New York Yankees in the Major Leagues,  will  be also out of Bolivar's ninth following an injury against the Seattle Mariners.
Soon recovey and good luck!

By Carlos Guerra, Step 10 

Poetry for the abandoned



The sand touched my feet, 
The sun felt so sweet, 
I can’t stand seeing you leave, 
With her and not with me. 

You hurt so hard, 
You’re breaking my heart, 
Feels so sad having you apart, 
I wonder when, if so,  you are coming back. 

As cold as the winter, 
Became your hands, 
I still miss your beautiful arms,
They were cold, 
But they kept me warm. 

I can’t  stand seeing you with her, 
It breaks my heart, 
I feel that in my veins, 
Come and feel me, 
One last time, 
For me not to forget, 
Your beautiful eyes.

By: Natalia Rojas and 
Dina Reyes, Step 10 





It’s the year 2045 society is destroyed, it is affected by overpopulation, unemployment, and poverty. People prefer to escape reality by playing a hyper-reality video game called OASIS. Everyone in town plays this game, is a hit. Wade Watts is an 18 year old boy who is really good at this game. 

One day a rich man, named Halliday, sent through the game for everyone a message which said that the one who found the 3 keys and opened the three gates, would receive billions of dollars and gain total control of the game. Everyone was shocked and they tried to find the keys, so everyone needed and wanted money. 

Wade met Art3mis in the game, her avatar was sexy and he liked her; then, after a while  they became friends. One day when Wade went to school, he figured out that the first key must be there. So he started to look for it and he got it after a few obstacles. 

Art3emis got the second one, while she was followed by the people in the IOI company, who were the ones trying to find the keys first. After this, Art3mis, Wade and three other guys made a group to find the last key, but the IOI people noticed and provoked an explosion that killed everyone in the game, however, Wade had an extra life, so he found the last key and won the game. Right after, Wade gained control of the game, the money and the girl.

Resultado de imagen de ready player one gif

That everyone tried to catch the keys and open the doors and when they got though, everyone was killed 


When IOI people and them fight, and the explosion occurred, it caused everyone’s death.


Wade had another life and with the coin he won in the PAC-man game, he had another life, so he won.

Title and relationship with its content

For me the relation between the title and the story was that Wade was ready, not only to win, but to escape that awful reality he was living in, he was ready to win the game. 

Author’s purpose 

For me the author's purpose was to show how people can’t stand living in the miserable world that is around them, and instead of trying to change the world, they prefer to escape from it, so it shows the inability to face our problems. 


IOI people also called the sixers 
 Shoto and Daito (enemies)

For me this was a really amazing story thy shows how we can’t face problems sometimes, the fact that we ignore our surroundings if there is any issue, instead of going out and solving it, we stay home waiting for it to just go away, we escape from reality with our phones, our dreams, and many things.

This world needs action, not ignorance. People create their own world in their mind or at home just to escape their cruel reality. That’s why I liked this book which shows reality and it leaves you a lesson: 
” I created the OASIS because I never felt at home in the real world.”

By Camila Orozco, Step 10



Used to 

Your lips tasted like lies,
I never saw again your beautiful eyes,
I still miss your sweet smile,
that always shades light,
 Into my darkest sides.

Your hands became so cold,
you started freezing everything you hold,
our love became old,
you stopped treating it like if it was gold.

Your feelings for me, you turned off,
like if it was easy to stop love,
I know that of me you want to get rid of,
But I really don't mind 'cause I allowed me to let you go.

By Dina Reyes, Step 10