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Friday, April 12, 2019

Holy Week and Easter


Holy Week's Assembly to Celebrate Our Christian's Faith

The Cervantes Section met together, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:10 a.m., at the auditorium Javier Emilio Valencia in order to celebrate our Christian's Faith by sharing some of the most important symbols that all of us revere:

The bread, the branch of olive, Jesus' words that have to be
imprinted in our hearts and the fact of going on a period to rest while reflecting on our Lord's legacy after having sent to us His only son for saving the humankind from all of our sins.

We had next program with Step 9th graders cooperation:

I- Prayer (By Giselle Rico, Step 9)

II- Reading on Holy Week and Easter (By Isabella Duarte, Step 9)

III- Passion Song (Gospel). This was a projected video.

IV- Posters Contest on the True Meaning of Holy Week and /or Easter. We had contestants from 4th to 9th grade.

V- What is Holy Week? (Video on Holy Week: Animation Cartoon).

VI- Crucifix Meaning: Why do Catholics love the crucifix so much? (Reading by Giselle Rico, Step 9)

VII- Poem on Holy Week entitled as "All For Love" by Jessica Ochoa, Step 9.

VIII- Easter's Egghunt where kids from Steps 4 and 5 were looking for 7 hidden eggs. The surprise was the real bunny brought by Stella Duque, a Step 9th grader. This was organized by Isabella Duarte and Dina Reyes, Step 9.

IX- The Book of The Lord's Trivia (A Sudden Death Contest hosted by Miss Odilia Pérez).

X- Dismissal.

Next gallery of pictures are samples of everything done today April 12th.

By Miss Odilia Pérez

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Reforma Pensional


Reforma Pensional Colombiana

Recientemente, Alicia Arango, Ministra de Trabajo, ha dejado claro por todos los medios posibles que este año no se tramitará la reforma pensional cantada por el Gobierno de Iván Duque desde la campaña presidencial.

Expresó que por ahora “no hay nada”, que la instrucción desde Presidencia de la República es no salir a las carreras para que en definitiva “no sea estructural” y toque volver a tramitar una nueva.

Según Alicia Arango, se recopilarán los estudios que ha hecho el Gobierno previamente, Incluso, ha dicho ya a varias emisoras que es tema delicado, y ha hecho énfasis en que Colombia, no puede continuar con un sistema pensional en el cual , solo la tercera parte de la población se vea beneficiada.

Por otro lado, el ministro de Hacienda, Alberto Carrasquilla, explicó que el proyecto de ley que preparan busca no afectar a los ciudadanos que están a punto de pensionarse.
“Tenemos $14 billones del presupuesto congelado y vamos a tomar este primer trimestre para identificar en dónde se harán los recortes”.

En cuanto a otras opiniones, tenemos la del senador Carlos Fernando Motoa,  el cual ha dicho que siempre y cuando esta reforma sea muy pertinente, será posible, pero el Gobierno debe aprender de los errores que ha causado en estos meses.

Stella Duque, Natalia Del Castillo,

Daniela Yúnez, and Valeria Villera, Step 9

Landline: Review



Seventeen years have passed since Georgie saw Neal for the first time. Fifteen since he almost left her. And fourteen since they got married. But now they have problems, they have had issues for a long time. She still loves him, and Neal still loves her deeply, but that almost does not seem to matter. Maybe it never mattered. 

Now, Neal has gone with the girls to spend Christmas in Omaha, and Georgie decides to stay for work reasons. But that night, when she telephones her husband, with whom she will really communicate is with a younger Neal, the Neal she met when they were young. 

And suddenly, everything seems to change. Georgie returns to experience the complicity they shared, their common interests, everything returns to resuscitate, in such a way that rediscovers the roots of love in that feeling born with the passion of youth. Is destiny giving you a second chance?

This beautiful book was a wonderful journey that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime, it talks about a marriage of Neal and Georgie which is going through a lot of problems. The last one is that they were supposed to go to visit Neal’s family for Christmas but in the last moment, Georgie didn’t go because of her work.

Resultado de imagen para landline bookBecause of an incident with her cell phone, she calls Neal from an old yellow phone but instead of calling Neal she knows she calls the Neal of their youth. And that was the magic they needed to fix their marriage.

One of the best things of this book is when it comes to their characters, because they are all so human, real and relatable which is why we loved them so much; besides, through all the book we can see their romance reborn and this shows that sometimes all we need to do is paying attention to our problems and do a little change in our life in order to solve our difficulties and it proves that family love is forever. It is a marvelous book that everyone should read.         

By: Camila Orozco and
 Maria Camila Pinzon, Step 9.



Holy Week

This week I would like to give you a moment to reflect on everything that our savior did for us,  sinners, to be more with him and to follow his word, let us pay our full attention to him and praise him with all our heart with these beautiful songs that we leave below.

By Adriana Butrón and The Twin Sisters, Step 9




Mis lágrimas bajan por mis mejillas,
Siento cómo mis pensamientos dan vueltas,
Como si me encontrara en un carrusel
Es grande y está lleno de hermosas luces que iluminan todo el lugar,
A veces me encuentro en él y va con calma,
Siento cómo se desprende del suelo,
Como si volara estando en las nubes.
Pero hay veces que gira tan rápido que me mareo,
Cuando siento poder vomitar me detengo,
Pero hay veces que el botón para frenar desaparece,
Y de repente se va la luz y cuando vuelve siento una tranquilidad enorme,
Los caballos cada vez se hacen más fuertes,
Me dan confianza y sé que estando en ellos nada me pasará,
Los caballos a veces los veo luminosos,
otras veces los veo opacos y otras veces multicolores,
Veo cómo cambian de color al sentir,
Siento un poco de felicidad al estar girando,
Porque veo cómo lo de atrás se queda atrás,
Aunque lo vuelva a ver,
Nunca vuelvo hacia allá.
Galopando ando,
En una pradera muy grande y verde,
Feliz y al compás del viento,
Cantando y riendo me encuentro,
Con solo girar en este carrusel.

*Jessie Ochoa*. 10/04/19

Not Good Enough?


'Why am I not good enough?' by Olivia Vella 

Olivia Vella, a student of Arizona, presented this poem for her class, someone recorded her and posted the video which went viral, changing lives of many teenagers.

This poem shows us how  society is, cruel and inhuman so many times, till the point that nowadays people prefer to be uncomfortable, in pain, etc, just to be accepted.

We live in a world where everything and everyone is criticized, for the color of the skin, social strata, for how you dress, physical features, religion, everything.

People have set standards of what is socially acceptable, sadly we live in a world where no one cares, no one realizes this is a huge problem and that we need to make a change, to live in a world without discrimination and bullying and just been able to be free.

By: Natalia Rojas, Step 9.




The so much waited for playoff of the NBA begins with these great games in each conference:

In the East:
1. Bucks vs. Pistons.
2. Raptors vs Magic.
3. 76ers vs Nets.
4. Celtics vs. Pacers.

In the West
1. Warriors vs Clippers.
2. Nuggets vs Spurs.
3. Trail blazers vs Thunder.
4. Jazz vs Rockets.

Which team will win each series and is a candidate to win the championship? Everyone has his favorite.

By Daniel Agudelo Ballesteros and

Brandon Afanador Díaz, Step 9.