Thursday, April 11, 2019

Not Good Enough?

'Why am I not good enough?' by Olivia Vella 

Olivia Vella, a student of Arizona, presented this poem for her class, someone recorded her and posted the video which went viral, changing lives of many teenagers.

This poem shows us how  society is, cruel and inhuman so many times, till the point that nowadays people prefer to be uncomfortable, in pain, etc, just to be accepted.

We live in a world where everything and everyone is criticized, for the color of the skin, social strata, for how you dress, physical features, religion, everything.

People have set standards of what is socially acceptable, sadly we live in a world where no one cares, no one realizes this is a huge problem and that we need to make a change, to live in a world without discrimination and bullying and just been able to be free.

By: Natalia Rojas, Step 9.